Sparrow Health: Heart campaign


Creating a campaign to inspire consumers to choose Sparrow Health System for heart care, over the current market leader.

Pivotal insight

Consumer research revealed that choosing a hospital for heart care was greatly influenced by a previous experience or word of mouth. Since Sparrow competitor, McLaren Health had been the dominant market leader for several years, almost no one knew anyone who had been to Sparrow for heart care.

Brand launch

To quickly establish Sparrow as the place people go for heart care, we helped develop a campaign that featured numerous patients who had chosen Sparrow for heart care and had a great experience. The TV spot alone featured more than 25 heart patients. Creating a fresh take on the typical patient testimonial, each patient was captured holding a drawing they’d made representing their experience. These drawings, and their personal stories were posted on Sparrow’s social media channels and featured in a gallery on the Sparrow website.